The most common question I get asked from my clients is 'what should we wear to our photo session?'. And I totally understand the dilemma - you want the photos of your family to look beautiful but have no idea how to achieve that. Whether it's a maternitynewborn or family photoshoot it is important that you and your family feel confident and comfortable, but it’s also important to have your final photos looking amazing. Below are some of the tips to help you prepare for your shoot in terms of clothing.

Choose a colour palette

Your photos would look best if you stick to the same colour palette. Think in terms of tones: blue tones, green tones, neutrals, pastels, etc. Or stick with cream, grey and light brown– these work beautifully both for indoor and outdoor photoshoots. I advise against strong colours as these can create a colour cast on people's skin - for example a read top may make your face look slightly red in the photos.

what to wear to maternity pregnancy photo session at home with toddler
baby photo shoot at home with indian baby girl

Don’t match, coordinate

Start with a your outfit first. You will want to choose something that's comfortable and that makes you feel great. Be it a flowing dress, a maxi skirt or plan shirt and jeans - whatever you feel is the most 'you'. From there build outfits for the rest of the family (while sticking to your chosen colour palette). Don't think you all have to wear identical outfits - just make sure the outfits complement each other.

what to wear to at home newborn photo session
what to wear to family documentary photo session at home

Minimise patterns and avoid logos + words

Try to keep it simple and clean. Don't mix too many patterns in your clothing as they will clash. Also, skip logos and words (especially on kids' clothing) as they distract the eye.

newborn baby boy toddler boy and parents
lifestyle family photo shoot at home with two boys

Choose colours from your home

You can always draw inspiration from your decor, as you most likely use your favourite colours to decorate your house with. If your home is light, bright and airy, then perhaps you would prefer light coloured clothes? Or if you gravitate towards moody and dark decor, perhaps subdued earth tones would appeal more to you?

what to wear to newborn photo session baby girl
baby photo shoot at home with two boys

Fit your style to your location

If your photoshoot is outdoors, make sure you wear something casual (and comfortable) and appropriate footwear. You don’t want to be walking through a forest (or a park) in high heels!

what to wear to family photo session outdoors

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