Hey mama,

If you are worried that you are not enough, let me tell you - you are enough.

If you are worried that you are not doing a good enough job, please hear me - you are doing such a good job.

If you are tired, overwhelmed and stressed out, let me reassure you - your are doing SO great.

So many of us mums are like swans - graceful above water, but paddling frantically underneath.

We have so many responsibilities, so many things to do and various people to take care of. The outside world may not realise that while you seem calm and together, inside your home you rush getting everyone ready, meals cooked, house chores done. We compare ourselves to other women, other mums and always feel we somehow fall behind them. That we are not good enough, or even perfect. 

But you know what? 

You are perfect.

To your children YOU ARE PERFECT.

You are the right mum for them.

They don’t notice the ironing is piling up or you haven’t quite crossed everything off your to-do list.

To them, you are the most loving person on this planet and they adore you beyond belief.

This is how they will remember you. Smiling, laughing, cuddling them. Just being there for them.

And what a better way to freeze this moment of love and happiness than by taking a photo? It will serve as a reminder that you are everything to them - and they will cherish this tangible keepsake for years to come.

PS. And if you are still feeling overwhelmed, check out this article with tips on how to feel a bit more calmer and not so stressed out.

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