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A family photoshoot at home is as much about having being captured in your safe environment, as it is about your children feeling at ease in their familiar surroundings. As a child photographer I notice that children act differently around a camera when I'm in their home, the place they feel comfortable in. They are more at ease, confident and playful. They show me their true personalities, real smiles and expressions more quickly. And that's what I love to capture - true, authentic portraits of your children. No cheesy smiles, fake expressions or awkward poses.

This family had recently welcomed a new baby boy and it made sense to take their family photos at home. This way the older brother could run around and play, while the little one enjoyed cuddles with his parents. Even the dog joined us for a bit!

I often get messages from my clients worrying that their busy toddler would not cooperate during the family photoshoot at home. I always tell them that the beauty of me coming over to your house is that you can let your child do their thing, play with their toys, and I just follow them around with my camera. This also means you and your partner can relax and not stress about travelling to a photo studio for a shoot. Have a look at this post where I talk about photographing toddlers with their baby siblings.

A family photoshoot at home (in Woodford Green or elsewhere) is all about capturing the current stage in your lives, photographing you all enjoying time together and creating new memories for your children to remember for years to come.

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