Imagine this.

You have just brought your brand new baby home from the hospital. Perhaps it was this week, or last week or even a few weeks ago.

You are both getting to know each other, learning the meanings of your baby's cries and deciphering when to feed, when to change the nappy etc. It's a tricky process, especially if you are a first time mama (they don't call it fourth trimester for nothing).

Maybe your little one struggles with feeding and suffers from an upset tummy. You spend so much time on feeding, burping, rocking, cuddling and setting them back to sleep.

Now imagine you have booked a newborn photo session in a studio.

You need to be somewhere at a specific time and you simply cannot miss the appointment.

You stop what you're doing, you get the baby and your bag(s) ready, get yourselves in the car, and driving to the studio with the hope that your baby will behave/sleep/stay calm for the duration of your shoot.

Does this all sound a bit... overwhelming?

This is where an in-home newborn photography shines.

First of all, there is no leaving the house. I come to you, so you don't even have to think about packing bags, getting all of your stuff ready, driving somewhere etc. You can relax, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy not rushing anywhere.

The newborn session doesn't even have to happen in the first two weeks of baby's life. Yes, the first two weeks are considered best if you want lovely snuggly sleepy photos of your newborn, but the most important thing is how YOU feel after the birth. If you need time to recover (or if the baby needs it), we can meet up after a few weeks, no pressure.

An in-home newborn session is entirely baby-led, meaning we can pause for feeding, burping, changing a nappy or a cuddle on your chest. There are no expectations, no time limits, no getting you out of the studio because your appointment has finished. We take our time, we take things slowly and let the baby be the boss.

And at the end of your session you will have a selection of honest, natural and relaxed images, taken in the comfort of your own home, all while you were learning and falling in love with one another.

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