Baby photography at 3-4 months

Photographing this adorable 3 month old baby boy at home in Islington was pure joy. I often get messages from clients who think they have somehow 'missed the boat' by not having a newborn photo session within the first few weeks' of their baby's life but I am here to tell you - it's ok if you want to wait with your photo session.

Sometimes the new parents feel they didn't need to document those first few weeks. There are so many reasons for it: sleep deprivation, feeling that they had already captured so much with their phones, or just feeling so totally overwhelmed by having a new baby that the thought of having someone to come over to take photos felt way too much for them. Sometimes mum and/or baby have taken longer to recover after the delivery. I totally get it! Those first days and weeks with a newborn are super hard and an adjustment to your pre-baby life.

I'm here to tell you that any age is perfect to document. Yes, there is magic in capturing fresh newborns, but here is a secret... I also love love LOVE photographing 3 and 4 month old babies. At this age they smile, are more aware of what's going on around them, can hold an eye contact with you and are ecstatic to see their parents. And those baby giggles are just something else!

What I'm trying to say is don't feel bad if you haven't booked a newborn photoshoot. Perhaps this was the right decision for your family at the time. There is no right or wrong, no good or bad decision when it comes to photography. So whether you are keen on having your newborn baby captured, or you prefer to wait and have photos taken of your 3 month old baby - I will be here when you are ready and I will be delighted to take photos of your little one.

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